What links us together

A common interest, a diversified approach, working tirelessly towards our goals.



As an industry body for the nursery products sector, we seek to increase our influence at all levels by growing the Association and forging closer connections with the relevant stakeholders, in order to represent our members’ needs in the best possible way.


We encourage cohesion, the sharing of experience, and cooperation between our members, and we seek to exploit the synergies available in our industry Association. By means of regular personal contact within the Association, our members receive valuable suggestions relating to their activities within their own business.


New and small businesses in the Association should be particularly supported through the expertise of experienced members. In this way the Association also seeks to ensure that the sector remains multifaceted and continues to offer a wide diversity of products.

Information Network

Cooperation Partners

We maintain close contact with national and international associations and organisations and with a law firm, enabling us to keep abreast of industry-related developments and regulatory issues and to disseminate this knowledge. We take swift action to head off developments that are detrimental to our member companies.

Market Data

We promote the collection of industry-related market data in the field of nursery products – both for information purposes and as a basis on which our members can plan their business and their product ranges.


With our regular informative events and workshops, the Association offers not only a high-quality, diverse programme of training but also a contact platform to allow our Members and Passive Members to meet one another in person.


Retail Specialists

We support first and foremost the specialist bricks-and-mortar retail sector which, better than any other distribution channel, ensures that new families and parents-to-be can understand all the functions and options available, especially in relation to children’s products that require detailed advice or are technically demanding, so that they can make the right product choices.


We carry out research and development work with the aim of ensuring the highest possible safety and quality standards in nursery products at affordable retail prices. We maintain a dialogue with all relevant consumer organisations with regard to the use of test and evaluation methods appropriate to the products


As an Association we strive to achieve sustainability and climate neutrality in all our activities. Under our Code of Conduct we ask our members to select two to three climate objectives each year and we report back on these. We support our members in setting their own strategies for sustainability.



Via our child safety initiative, ‘Little Heroes Living Safely’, we regularly update new parents and parents-to-be on the risks of injury and accident to children in various age groups; and we keep them informed of the dangers posed by (poor quality) products and of product recalls.

Family-friendly Policies

We initiate and support, as an Association or in partnership with appropriate bodies, projects in the field of family-friendly policies and social justice. We draw attention to those members who set an example by pursuing an especially family-friendly business culture.


We support initiatives devoted to the wellbeing of children and families or to sustainability and environmental protection, with transparent donations of money and goods. We also support their work through the Association’s own press and public relations activities.