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A strong network

Regular workshops and conferences provide opportunities for sharing experiences and discussing current market, industry and regulatory developments. The diversity of our membership feeds into our shared agenda and the positions we take. In our network, each individual company benefits from the efforts of the community. We speak with a strong voice to the public, to the politicians and to consumer organisations. As the common denominator in the nursery products sector, we are the vital link and contact point for manufacturers, retailers and merchants, trade fair organisers, media and families with children.


Quality counts

We are the people behind the brands. We are committed to high quality and the socially responsible production of goods. As B2B professionals, we work continuously with all the important players including, for example, the automotive industry and the authorities responsible for standards. We are members of the ENPC (European Nursery Products Confederation) and hence actively promote the quality and safety of children’s products at a European level as well. We run awareness-raising campaigns to defend ourselves against counterfeit goods and dangerous imports before they can reach the playroom.


For children and families

Children trust their parents. Parents trust our members. We are linked by the goal of seeing children grow up safe and healthy. In this, we support families with the best possible solutions. We are actively committed to greater social responsibility and more family-friendly policies. Our Members promote a family-friendly work climate in their own companies and provide support especially for staff who are at the stage of raising a family. Conscious of our position as responsible members of society, we donate money and goods to social and humanitarian projects, and in particular to those that work for the benefit of children and families.


In matters economic and ecological

In our community we live by the principle of fair dealings with all partners in the market, on the basis of ethical values. We strive to achieve strong, sustainable structures and we provide on-site support to specialist retailers. Our members abide by the Association's voluntary Code of Conduct. In doing so, we commit ourselves to ecological and social standards in global supply chains with open markets, functional competition and equality of opportunity and reward. The BDKH and its member companies undertake to act sustainably and to achieve neutrality in greenhouse gas emissions in as many areas as possible. Hence economic interests do not override ecological imperatives.

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