Many new nursery products are fitted with digital features to improve safety or for greater convenience. Slightly more slowly, the retail trade too, has been extending its analogue sphere of activity into virtual worlds. Digitalisation is progressing in all fields. As an association, we keep our finger on the pulse and support projects that carry our sector forward.



ARkid Even before the coronavirus lockdown, customers had started to demand detailed product photos and 360° videos in Augmented Reality. These allow young families to transport a pram or a cot, for example, into their own four walls through the camera on their smartphone, and to view the item of their choice from all sides. Everyone remembers the hype around Pokémon Go, with kids rushing around trying to catch fantasy creatures that showed up in the area on their smartphones. And naturally the same thing will work with nursery products. Technology specifically for the baby products market already exists. We at BDKH are collaborating in this project through one of our Passive Members, Stefan Eipeltauer, director of FOKUS KIND Medien and operator of the ARkid platform. The Association was delighted, back in 2020, when ARkid offered to create Augmented Reality models of three new products from our members. The winners were selected in a prize draw. Stefan Eipeltauer and his team have implemented the product visualisation via the ARkid platform.



Supporting the regional specialist retailers who operate physical shops is important to the Association – all the more so during the pandemic, with businesses required to shut down sometimes for weeks at a time. During the first coronavirus lockdown it was important to create a strong online presence for retailers quickly, because young families need to know where they can find their retailers, producers and service providers at any time. Even when the doors are closed, they need to be able to buy essential nursery products – after all, pregnancy and childbirth are not the sort of events that you can just postpone.

The BDKH responded to this by working closely with FOKUS KIND Medien and Babini to produce, the first platform of its kind in Germany for the nursery sector. Within a very short time, more than 200 German companies were on display in the Baby & Family area of the new online directory. Retailers of baby and infant products, baby toys and clothing, businesses offering services to young families and manufacturers with an online shop or a bricks-and-mortar outlet can all be found there. Using different filters such as postcode, city, distance and company name, consumers can quickly find clear information on suitable suppliers. The suppliers introduce themselves by means of a short description of the business and what it offers, with images, videos, social media accounts and contact details. It costs nothing to have an entry on

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